Chapter 4: Design with Swift

Excited to announce that I'll be releasing a Swift chapter for my Design+Code book next week, specifically made for designers and complete beginners. It'll talk in depth about prototyping, animations and using Apple's simpler language Swift. If you've done Web, this should look familiar.

Chapter 4 will be free for those who bought the book, as a thank you for your massive support. I know how important it is to go beyond static pixels, so this is my way of helping you take your beautiful designs and turn them into animated and functional apps. Testable on your phone and ready for the App Store.

Check out what people made with the book:


* Using @Mike | Creative Mints 's awesome shots as an example to create this Dribbble app.

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Posted on Jul 23, 2014
Meng To
I teach designers code and coders design.

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