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Recently we shared our passion for design at Zajno in the form of a poster and teaser for Origami. This is our debut short animation, which was created with our friend Altrüus. The cartoon explores the life of a widower, who finds new meaning in his late wife’s hobby. The protagonist’s origami becomes alive as he discovers a new level of grief for his beloved partner.

Now when the work is done, we can breath out and deep dive into our case study. For its production I came up with the idea and design of bringing animation to life, so case study includes photos of a real model, real origami and early sketches. It could not be possible without help of Sofy Dubinska, who organized photo production for us. This film is actually a birthday present for our client’s mother, so it's an unusual call shot, but it demands the same kind of attention for details (maybe even more). Origami tries to capture the essence of Japanese culture and at the same time be clear with the storyline, illustrations and sound design. 

At this very moment our animation competes in the Sketched Film Short Block of the Catalina Film Festival.

Our animated film Origami is available right here.

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