What is a misting machine?

What is a misting machine?

Fogger is a device to produce the required moisture in industries that need more than 30 to 98% humidity in their production cycle. Due to the hot and dry climate of Iran, in various industries such as button mushroom and Ganoderma, textile, paper, leech breeding, saffron planting, fruit storage, egg storage and… for production and productivity As much as possible, the temperature and humidity conditions should be provided as standard. Therefore, misting devices are designed and manufactured for this purpose by Isfahan Air Conditioner Complex. This device is also called in the market by other names such as fog maker and fog sprayer. In order to be fully acquainted with the types of misting devices along with their technical specifications and applications in various industries, the following contents are examined:

Types of foggers

Comparison of types of misters

Differences and similarities between disc and butterfly misters

How foggers work

Application of misting devices in different industries

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Posted on Sep 28, 2021

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