Centrifuge fan features

Centrifuge fan

The impeller of all production fans of Isfahan Havasaz complex is controlled in terms of dimensions with calibrated measuring devices, and after static balancing with digital balancers (Digital Balancer) according to Iso 1940 standard, they will be dynamic in the balance operation cycle, so that the fan There is no unauthorized vibration or vibration while working.

It should be noted that to achieve higher pressures, the combination of fans or the placement of several impellers in a row should be used. In addition, specialized fans are constantly in the production line of Isfahan Havaaz

- Anti-spark and explosion-proof fans with EEX-T3 EEX-T4 engines

- Fans resistant to rust and corrosion of galvanized goods and all kinds of stainless steel sheets

- Heat resistant fans of refractory steels from 250 to 1200 degrees Celsius

- Abrasion resistant fans of various types of Hardax anti-wear steels in different grades

- Special shooting fans for carrying natural and synthetic fibers, wood chips, etc., trim fans for eating and transferring paper, cardboard, straw and chipboard, fans for transferring solid materials such as: metal particles, grain granules, Cereals and…

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Posted on Sep 28, 2021

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