What is Axial Fan? Everything about axial fans

Axial fans are propeller-driven and are commonly used for steam from processes (such as spray booths), fresh air supply, and general room or machine cooling, and so on. They are typically designed to control large volumes of air at low pressure (SP) and are generally available in two direct models with impellers mounted on the motor shaft and indirectly using a pulley belt. The material used to make industrial axial fans is typically mild steel. However, some applications may require aluminum or all-aluminum impellers for spark resistance and stainless steel or coatings for chemical resistance.

This type of axial ventilator is used for evacuating air or ventilation in places where air flow is more important than pressure. Their impellers are made of variable angle aluminum. The impeller of this fan is bent backwards and is produced in different sizes that cause air discharge up to 150000 m3 / hr and with a pressure of 600pa. The body of this type of fan is made of industrial sheets with paint coating to prevent corrosion. And rust. How to connect the motor and transmission. Power to the device is in the form of direct and indirect connection and coupling

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Posted on Sep 28, 2021

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