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How the air washer works, made by Isfahan Hava Saz

Air conditioner has all the features of a normal air conditioner, with the difference that it uses air conditioner for cooling the air and does not need a cooling coil, but a pre-coil coil can be used to cool the environment as much as possible. The part of the device is installed inside the device according to the customer's needs. The operation of the air washer air conditioner is such that the cooling and filtration process begins with the entry of air through the dampers to the air washer air conditioner. In addition, fresh air and return air dampers are responsible for regulating the mixed air (fresh and returned from the hall). Due to the presence of dust and pollution in the surrounding air, multiple filters are used to clean the air entering the device, which after passing through these filters, is cleaned to the smallest particles and moist air is removed from the device. Standard and washable metal filters are installed at the inlet of the air washers to prevent the entry of insects, dust and debris and enter the coil chamber in cold seasons to provide the required heat. By connecting to a hot source in the engine room, the heating coil heats the air passing through it. Spraying water on hot air passing, according to the heating process, the air temperature is transferred to water and cooled. The outlet of the air washer chamber is equipped with drip trap nets, which eliminates large droplets of water, and in the hot or cooled air resulting from the previous steps, it is removed from the device through a backward centrifugal fan. The important point is that the air washers only reduce the dry air temperature and the humid temperature remains constant. The air washer should be inspected regularly to ensure that its wet components are free of dust, oil, corrosion and rust. All kinds of controls in the air washer system have been done by the professional team of Isfahan Hava Saz and all the products of this company have 15 years of after-sales service.

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Posted on Sep 28, 2021

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