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Dry Brushes Vector [Freebie]

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Dry Brushes Vector [Freebie] download freebie free brushes vector ai dry brush brush strokes

Here's another are I usually don't venture into but though it'd be an interesting thing to explore, see if anyone cares.

Here are some illustrator dry brushes I made for myself and thought I'd share with you guys.

I'm gonna do you the favor of not forcing them down your throat or telling you about how amazing they will make your work and easy they'll make your life.

Details in the shop. They're vector, they can be applied to strokes nicely, they can be used as textures nicely. They've been cleaned up of excess anchor points (to keep em fast as possible)

Oh and they're free. You just need to go through the checkout process. Let me know if there are any hiccups.

Get these brushes free in my shop

or even is an easier page to get them :)

edit 2: Follow along on twitter if you want, I'll be posting more of these things if people like it

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