OG Crook Special #5

Introducing the OG Crook Special number 5!

This was actually the first special I designed and it's still one of the best looking ones imo.

This project was started because the founder was a victim in a scam. That's why he wanted to give back to the community. CryptoCrooks was born!

The funds raised (80% of mint fee) are sent to the DAO Vault, and staked using yield generating strategies. Yield generated by the DAO Vault is managed and spent by our community: the CryptoCrooksDAO.

The CryptoCrooksDAO aims to support ecosystem related charity projects (eg. GirlsWhodeCode project, Axie Scholarschips, ...) and promising ETH protocols that may have fell victim to hackers (Pickle, XTK, ...).

Each character grants you a vote in the CryptoCrooks DAO  Be sure to check out the website and catch some Crooks!

Stay tuned to discover all the specials in the series!  https://www.cryptocrooks.io

What is CryptoCrooks?

CryptoCrooks is a collection of 5000 unique collectible NFT characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.  https://www.cryptocrooks.io

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