Shift partners with new and existing brands in the apparel sector - calling on their extensive industry experience and deep-rooted relationships in the sector to help brands thrive. Whether they’re launching a new line, scaling an existing one, or taking the brand in a new direction - Shift has the expertise and resources to make a success story of every project.

We worked closely with Shift, starting from the ground up. They felt their existing website and identity were dated, and the messaging didn’t accurately reflect their abilities and offer. We started by having a chat with the team, so we could create a detailed picture of what ‘Shift’ is to those who know the brand the best and live it day in, day out.

Once we had got a better feel for Shift, their offer and their values, we set about nailing down the brand’s tone of voice, as well as beginning work on a new logo and the supporting visual identity. The logo was designed to create the signature ‘S’ shape, whilst also incorporating a sewn effect, tying in with the nature of the business. 

We then shifted (pardon the pun) our focus onto the website - focusing on creating a platform that looked modern and exciting, but also visually communicated who Shift are and what they do in the most effective and engaging way possible. Shift are growing at a rapid rate, so a focus on the internal culture was just as important as the marketing content, ensuring the brand can attract the top industry talent as they continue to expand into the future.

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