After over 1 1/2 years I’m happy to finally be able to share our work for AOK, Germany's largest health insurance.

Amongst other brand assets I had the pleasure of updating the iconic AOK „Lebensbaum“ (or tree of life) logo. 

The tree icon was released from the confines of the word mark and set as a separate icon. This provides the icon with the space and prominence it deserves. The line weight was  increased while also increasing the space between the stems and leafs improving clarity, especially in smaller display sizes. The rectangle was dropped and the claim extracted from the logo finding its place in a prominent position within the layout system instead.

The word mark was redrawn from scratch. Besides the tree icon the slanted „A“ remains a unique and recognizable brand asset. The „K“ however was reworked and the new construction of the diagonals softens the aggressiveness of the previously triangular shape and creating more of a sense of stability. Finally, the weight was adjusted for increased legibility and thus responsiveness of the logo.

Check out more of the rebranding via link in bio and here:

Animation by Kjell Langerbeins, & Julian Hrankov

Thanks to the whole team at AOK and MetaDesign Berlin and hired guns:

Olaf Schroeter,  Tom Schwaiger, Merle Düpmeier, Mathias Rolfes, Jörg Sesselmann, Maren Maxis, Benjamin Seidel, Annika Neitzel, Klara Hieronimus, Kjell Langerbeins,Axel Domke, Silvia Pfaff, Elisa Bauer,  Patrick Mariathasan, Steve Plesker, Jutta Rick, Michael Schönberger and many more.

Posted on Sep 27, 2021
Julian Hrankov | Art Machine
Senior Brand Designer at MetaDesign Berlin.

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