Medical App for Doctors

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Welcome back, guys! Do you want to see our new shot? Here you are — a Medical App for Doctors👩‍⚕️

On the first shot you can see:

⚡️quick access to requests, patients, and so on

😷cards of today’s patients where doctors can read the information about them

On the second shot there is a patient’s card with personal information👨‍⚕️

Tabs allow doctors to see all the patient’s data:

🏥general information

👩‍🔬lab results

💊prescribed medications

👨‍💻online sessions

The color palette is very calm💙 Blue color symbolizes cleanliness and order and also relaxes the user.

The main app feature is that doctors can plan their day and patients can keep in touch with doctors👍 

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If you want to know how we designed Healthcare App, check out our article.

Created by Daria Lobacheva

Purrweb UI
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