A total dream come true for me: designing the identity for a motorcycle racing team. Humilis Racing is an Amsterdam based rally and adventure motorcycle group.

The name Humilis was found as a nod to the Dutch origin of the team. The Latin translation of the low lands is 'Terra Humilis'; low land, or Earth. Humilis also comes from the root of Humus; dirt, earth. We're the dirt-loving, low-land team. The iconography represents this as the heraldic lion of Amsterdam, drawn with wings for its freedom and speed, with some nice hidden curves showing a windy road and a letter 'H' as well.

We like being an antidote to loud, overstated motorcycle branding — down to Earth, and in the dirt.

Naturally, I'll be riding in it, too.

Our first rally is happening in a few days: the Deus Swank Rally Sardegna. Follow along here: http://instagram.com/humilisracing

Sebastiaan de With ✏️
I design camera apps and ride motorcycles. 📸🏍

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