Smart Home (A very Simple Experience for the users)

Smart Home (A very Simple Experience for the users)

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Problem Statement:

Design an iOS app for a smart device or system of devices. The app should allow the user to easily adjust the temperature, lights, music in their environment and can include any other additional features you think would be relevant. Take advantage of emerging technologies you see fit, such as voice command or motion control, to take this concept to the next level. Your selected user demographics should define the use cases, feature set, and user flow.

Problem Identification

-- If someone forgot to turn on all the devices/lights before leaving the house the how does that app will interact to let this user send notifications?

-- What if someone needs to restore anything. For example, need to restore water in a water filter or need to replace anything then how does that app help the user to let him/her know the problems?

-- If someone has 10 devices to control in his house, how he can distribute these devices to his family members with child access and others?

-- How a user can see how much energy his devices spend/save in this month?

-- Also how a user can see the bills deducted by his smart devices? How much monthly bills generate by his smart devices and how much money it's saved?

-- While adding new devices if a brand new user sees the list of devices he can add how that app makes the user to buy new devices which are not available in his house?

-- How does that app help to prevent the waste of adding more same devices in a single area? For example, if someone adds 3 lights into his bedroom whereas turning 2 lights on will be sufficient then how this app can notify on that case?

-- How the air conditioner will automatically controlled based on the temperature? How a user can schedule on or off time by this app.

-- How the user can get music options based on mood, temperature, special day, session, etc.? Also how it can help the user by providing traffic updates, today's news updates, reading some messages, etc?

-- How does that app detect noise while you have so many guests and if you also turn on your music/tv at that time then how that app can suggest making the volume low?

-- For the brand new user how that app help the user to learn how he can control any devices?

-- How does that app will notify the user if any device damage or have serious issues?



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