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Today we're sharing our concept of a healthcare app that works as an aggregator of medical services: here one can book an appointment with a doctor, find the nearest hospital or pharmacy, and get advice from the healthy lifestyle blog.

The shot shows an onboarding screen in the center, a home page with a today tip, a bar for category search switching, and a doctor category list. The right screen shows a doctor's profile with their bio, rating, and patients' references.

We selected a neutral white background and red, yellow, and dark blue as accent colors. This color combination makes the app look simple yet not boring due to a range of accent colors in the interface elements.

This concept was designed to become a super app for healthcare that puts in one place everything that a user may want: advice from medical professionals, appointment booking, search for nearby hospitals and pharmacies.

What are your thoughts on this design?

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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