A lot of work is piling up right now, but I found a few hours to draw a new illustration. As you may have heard, scientists are preparing to resurrect the mammoth.

So what awaits them on a brand new Earth? Will they be able to take their former place in the ecosystem together with those who survived and survived until the 21st century? There were many mammoths in my country and their remains are still found, for example, in Yakutia. I think there is a place for them in the tundra in the vast expanses of Russia. But we should not forget that we also need to take care of those who are now on the brink of extinction.


In this illustration I have depicted a meeting of a mammoth with someone who once influenced on the extinction of this species about 10,000 years ago. Can mankind correct this mistake and was it man's fault for the extinction of this beautiful animal?

What do you think about this? (Full illustration in Insta)

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