Free Agent | I am now Freelancing!


Last week, myself and @Focus Lab parted ways. I am so thankful for @Bill S Kenney & Erik Reagan for the last year (plus) and everything I was able to do and learn. They truly are two amazing bosses. After spending a good bit of time thinking about it, I have decided to strike out on my own and do freelancing (for a bit at least). I am super excited to start getting my hands dirty and doing a lot more illustration work (along side branding of course)! The best thing is that today I signed my first client! Hopefully more will come in the next few weeks. (: Possibly within the next couple of weeks, I will be launching my new website and you will be able to see many more photos of my new studio space (pictured in the dribbble shot). I'm really hoping that I can get a few pointers from Alicja on taking better pictures. Haha

I am also very thankful for being able to work with and hangout with the rest of my Focus Lab family! I want to thank @Matt Yow for all the mentoring and help he has given me over my time at Focus Lab (especially all those amazing illustrator shortcuts and tricks, the man is an Illustrator wizard!). I want to thank @Sam Stratton for always helping me out when I really needed it and being an amazing source of encouragement(as well as a source of many plastic cat poop pranks!). Definitely want to thank @Summer Teal Simpson for all of her help with discovery and figuring out what was best for the clients (as well as helping me with all my horrible grammar and spelling, I'm sure there probably is so many mistakes in this post Haha). Definitely have to thank @Charlie Waite for being someone I aspire to be, one day I hope to be the Charlie Waite of Illustration & Branding (The man also has achieved more than any other person I've ever met! -bows to a baseball & surfing god among men-). Someone who has helped me out both at Focus Lab and outside as well is @alicjacolon, she has already helped me out this past week and I am very thankful for her friendship (She probably will cringe at these photos, might need a few pointers from her). Gotta give a shout out to @Jonathan Howell, he has only been at Focus Lab for a short time but he is a great help in many ways and the guy has an iron stomach! I can't forget @Myles kedrowski, who has spent many a night in the trenches with me (he has spent way more late nights than me though).

There are so many others on the Focus Lab team that I can't really tag in here but I will still thank them just the same! I am definitely going to miss Kellie, who is one of the only people in the office who gets all my movie and Doctor Who references (she is definitely a big support in the team and out)! Our two project managers Matt Blackwell & Shub Gideon, if they didn't do the voodoo that they did so well I don't know what everyone would be doing haha (wondering if Kellie will get the movie reference). Definitely have to give a shout out to our amazing DEV team, Andy Fought (and Andy Won -Alicja's joke-) & Jonathan McGaha, they truly are amazing guys!

Wow... this has to be my longest description for a dribbble shot! Hope you all enjoy the pictures and look forward to many new shots to come!!!


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