Navigating a rebrand is a giant task; here is a true insider look.

This candid conversation with Kent Siri, VP of Marketing at Reify Health, is meant to pull back the curtain on all the decision-making and key takeaways from the client-side of a rebrand. The stuff that doesn't make it into case studies but is instrumental to a project's success.

In this video, we cover:

1. Understanding when it's time to rebrand

2. Getting stakeholders on board and excited about the opportunity

3. What Reify was looking for in a brand agency partner

4. How to land on final direction when subjectivity is at play

5. The challenges and importance of gathering team feedback

6. How rewarding the rollout is, and how to do that well

7. The resulting wins and future benefits of a rebrand

Watch it here:

See the full case study here:



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