Packaging and label design for grain superfood "SIZERIN"

About the product

"SIZERIN" is a natural grain superfood made from sprouted wheat that does not contain artificial additives. The product has a large amount of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. Sprouted wheat grains are good for most people and can be used as an additive to any meal. Daily intake of SIZERIN superfood has a beneficial effect on well-being and promotes rejuvenation of the body.


The creative Moscow agency Bramar was tasked with developing the design of the logo, packaging and label for the SIZERIN grain superfood. Form a branding strategy. Choose colors and typefaces that reflect the specifics of the product. Display the product on the label and develop a corporate logo.

Completed work

When fulfilling the design order for the SIZERIN brand, the concept of an eco-friendly label was developed. For storage, it was decided to use a reliable jar that protects the product from atmospheric moisture and direct sunlight. On it, we illustrated a product in the form of a food zone with a wooden spoon filled with powdered superfood. The packaging design is complemented by a spikelet of wheat rich in healthy elements, which indicates the origin of the superfood.

Posted on Sep 23, 2021

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