Some test casts! 🎃 I’ve been working on moulding this little critter so I can make a set of hand painted figures for the store!

Let me know what you think of him! 🥺🎃

🎃 Cast in @jesmonite_ltd which means they’re solid, weighty little pieces 💪🏻 I then hand finish and paint them, before adding the tiny little fang teeth, which are glued in by hand too 😅🔬🦷 I’ll be working on making a first edition of these for the store soon, just need to wait on some more materials and then I can get going! 🎨🖌🧱⛏

Huge thanks to @bentleyadvanced in Feltham for advising on moulding products & techniques! 👏🏻 Hightly reccomend their service for anyone looking into mould making!

Posted on Sep 22, 2021

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