Dante's Infernograph

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Here's the finished version rebound of the illustration for the recent issue of Rogue Magazine. The article was about the 9-levels of Hell (ala Dante's Inferno) featuring TV's anti-heroes and villains. My idea was to show a big TV wall with the devil (not to be mistaken as Batman :p) in the foreground watching all the shows.

From Top-Bottom, Left-Right:
LUST: Don Draper of Mad Men
GLUTTONY: Hannibal Lecter of Hannibal
GREED: Walter White and Gustavo Fring of Breaking Bad
ANGER: Norma Bates of Bates Motel
HERESY: Rust Cohle of True Detective
VIOLENCE: Moriarty of Sherlock
FRAUD: The Governor of The Walking Dead
TREACHERY: Frank Underwood of House of Cards; Cersei & Joffrey (on the foreground) of Game of Thrones

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