Refactor in My Coffee


@Meagan Fisher did an beautiful job on the Art in My Coffee site back in like… 2008 or so. 6 years later, I still think it's a beautiful design that held up well. Unfortunately, the tech did not, as CSS is ever changing and improving.

So I started doing a realigning & refactor exercise. The realigning will be very minor. It will just be to modernize the look to today's standards (bigger, flatter, and no Georgia). :)

Refactoring, however, will be a much bigger undertaking. What I'm doing:

— Using the Archer web font instead of Georgia.
— Killing all the bitmap PNGs used for headline text (yay Archer web font)
— Switching all the background images used for rounded corners and shadows and bevels to be done in code.
— Going responsive & retina.
— Using Sass and a more modern, modular CSS approach.
— Removing the gradients & textures. This was more out of being able to ship this faster than just to be trendy with flat design. I may try to implement the textures and gradients back in later, but for now, flat it is.

I thought it would just be some light work, but 6 years is a long time to get better at what you do, and I felt like if I'm gonna reship this thing, might as well make it something I'm proud of.

I'm super grateful for the past work Meagan did on the site. She really helped this project shine when I was too busy to really make it what it could be. Now she's busy (and I still am). I really want to see this project shine again, and not die a slow, horrible death. So:

I decided I will be open sourcing the website. For right now, the submissions & blogging aspect of the site will still be on Tumblr (though I'd like to change that down the road). But the other pages and the source code will all go on GitHub. I'm hoping people who do have time and a passion for coffee art can jump in and help me make this thing awesome! Or not. We'll see.

Either way… Look for an update soon!


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