A little thanx to SoundCloud design team

A little thanx to SoundCloud design team

here's a little thanx to Soundcloud design team. Walked 10K straight the other day and couldn't keep myself from thinking how awesome this last update is. So.

Thank you thank you thank you,
smart & empathic SoundCloud people, for rebuilding the Soundcoud app so I could dive into live records on the go.

Thank you for not overlaying a how-to guide and allowing for a little magic – to discover swipe back to the left or ahead to the right through the pieces.

Thank you for bringing up the search and my now growing library.

Thank you for not screwing searched tracks anymore when I come back to them. So I ride through the park, glide through the streets, streaming Dave Matthews Band concert recordings.

Thank you for letting us to have controls and sentimental artwork on hold screen, as usual.

And the little thing of beauty is the parallax effect in the stream, as well as the rewind mode.

I know the music pieces we gather might be taken down any time. But it comes together as an experience of discovery I've always craved with music streaming services.

Here's on behalf of feedback.
I'd love to have some saved searches or have an actionable list of previous searches. When I come back for another session, it would be nice to start somewhat near where I left off.
I'd love NOT to have to tap 5 times on my headphones remote to repeat a track. And that is it.

Little Thing is a stunning improvisation with playful lyrics that takes place in DMB live performances, from time to time. Here's just one:


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