Hello, y'all! 🤠 Sharing some responsive screens for Appy.

One of my favorite things ever is cards in a horizontal scroll. I think that's the best use of space. From one side I agree that the simplest action for the user is just to scroll down no matter how long the page is because he is doing that without any thinking. Just absorbing the content. But on the other hand, this is what makes him stop and say let's see what's hidden there. It requires additional attention from him, and if he doesn't care he will just keep going down anyway.

A lot of clients are scared that people won't see the content that way. Do you think we need those dots under the cards or slider maybe? I am always trying to keep it as minimal as possible and lose them, as part of the next card is visible so he can see there is more hidden there. But in some cases I have to keep additional indications for this. How do you solve this, and are you using horizontal scroll in your designs?

Enjoy your weekend! 🌴

Josif Perovic
Art Director & Digital Designer

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