Christo's Homemade Sauces Retro inspired label concept

Hey friends,

Today I'm sharing with you some label concept designs I did for my clients from Christo's - an Australian gourmet burger restaurant that wanted to release a specialty sauce line under their name.

I helped with the mini logo, and the label designs. The theme is homemade, comfort food, retro and vintage, with a pinch of American influence.

This particular concept was focused on the eye-catching typography and vintage illustrations, with a a bold colour twist for a bit of a modern feel.

I've been keeping those for some time now, since I truly love this concept design, but I couldn't find the right way to visualize them. Did that happen to you before? Have a project that you're pretty proud of, but hating every single mockup you do of it?

Because that's definitely what's happening here. Still not happy with the way the mockup looks, but will share some label close-ups a bit later so you can swoon over the actual design details with me.

And in the meantime please let me know if you have any tips about my love the design <-> hate the mockup problem!

Victoria Georgieva
Logo, Graphic design & Illustration

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