Grainy Shapes & Blurry Gradients Textures

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Blurry gradients – 36 high-resolution gradient backgrounds with a perfect amount of grain (3840β€ŠΓ—3840px, PNG, Compatible with any graphics editing software)

β€’ Gradient shapes – 45 pre-made blurry shapes with a pop of gradient colors and custom-made grainy textures (3840β€ŠΓ—3840px, PNG, isolated on transparent background)

β€’ Grainy shapes – 72 monochrome modern shapes with a custom-made grainy motion blur effect (3840β€ŠΓ—3840px, PNG, isolated on transparent background)

β€’ Stamp brushes – the library of 72 fluid shapes stamp brushes for Adobe Photoshop and Procreate (ABR file)

β€’ Bonus templates – 2 pre-made template files with clipping masks for both Photoshop and Illustrator users. Easily mix and match shapes and gradients to fit your project needs!

Graphic Assets βœͺπŸ’š
Graphic Assets βœͺπŸ’š

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