I've updated my template from the previous year with this year's new iPhones. When the new hardware design rolled around, Apple never updated their official iOS Sketch.app template with the new phone hardware.

This sketch library does that job.

This time around, I've drawn all of the regular iPhones 13, as well as the iPhones 13 mini and of course the Pro phones. I've not included the Max versions as I never draw UI mockups at that size. (Given my name, it's a strange omission, I'll admit).

Each mockup includes a screen symbol that you can override with another screen symbol. You can also just replace the image content of that mockup with a static image. Or, if you set both the shadow and the screen mockup to "No Symbol", this will act as a hardware bezel that you can place on top of your artboards.

iPhone 13.sketch.zip
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Posted on Sep 16, 2021

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