Time Detective. Our intrepid interstellar detective has just jumped threw Space/Time to discover the secret truth of the universe. For the illustration I started with an astronaut blasting through a portal, then I layered in a futuristic clock illustration in the background. Around his thumb is a retro pocketwatch as if to suggest that the Detective was unsure if electronics would work in a Space/Time portal! The facemask is glowing a vibrant yellow i order to grab your attention. Deciding what to place in the facemask area is one of the more consequential aspects of this design. A face? potentially, but then the question becomes whose face? I was aiming for a more surreal feel hence I decided to add a bright pop of yellow to catch your eye, but not get caught up in whose face should be in the suit. Check out this post for an alternative version which features hops in place of the yellow. Which version do you prefer?

Pine watt
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