Cryo refers to a brand new craft beer product that is essentially like hash. It is all the aromatic terpenes of the hop without much of the vegetal green matter of the actual plant. It is a fine powder that smells amazing! For this craft beer label design, I focus on conveying the visual flavor of Mosaic Cryo. I started with a vibrant tropical orange/red gradient then I picked out my Visual Flavor elements. Tropical pineapple, juicy peach, and a unique looking fire ginger. Intertwined with each element is the chemical structure of certain terpenes and acids. For example, Farnesene & Alpha Acids. For a nod to the powdery substance Cryo I framed the visual flavor elements in an exploding halftone circular gradient.

This beer recently (2021) won Gold for the Best Hazy Double IPA in the entire USA!

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