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Hey guys,

This is a school project from 2019, made for Matas, a Danish company that sells beauty products. In this project I was responsible for all of the design, from packaging to the entire campaign. These posters are part of the campaign made for the concept my group and I came up with.

The story:

Matas has a return system where customers can return empty packaging in a container, after which the plastic will be recycled.

In 2018, the stores received more than 20 tonnes of plastic packaging from customers. Matas also recycled 47 tonnes of plastic and 474 tonnes of cardboard from transport. According to Matas, there is a growing interest among Danes in sustainability and natural beauty products. Therefor they created a new line; Matas Natur and their two new stores, Matas Natur (has the same name as the products). In these stores, Mata's intention is to tempt the customer to live greener by choosing natural beauty and sustainable and organic products.

My group and I decided to develop the current system further by implementing a zero waste solution that could help Matas to become more green and sustainable.

The Concept:

Customers can buy beautiful recyclable packaging with a pump and the desired sticker (depending on which product you are buying). This they can fill again and again at the Matas Natur stores, with the selected Matas Natur-products, which is cheaper than purchasing a new product in a new container each time. At the same time, Matas will be able to earn money on the one-time purchase of the containers, and save production and transport costs on the contents of the containers.

Erna Gunnars
Graphic Designer | Concept Developer

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