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Hey folks,

We're so happy to finally share all the fine work that went into building the new Glofox visual identity and website. BB Agency has partnered up with Glofox, the global gym management software that is on a mission to build a healthier world, and we're more than happy to help along the way.

The client
Glofox is powering the future of fitness. It’s an innovative gym management software enabling fitness businesses to retain and build revenue. They are a venture-backed product-led SaaS company that is in hyper-growth. Along with their ever-growing client base that numbers more than 3,000 gyms, 1 million daily users, and spans over 60 countries, their team is dedicated to powering the fitness industry with digital solutions.

The challenge
Glofox partnered with BB Agency with a request to position them as a market leader for fitness business management software that resonates with both boutique fitness studios and large fitness franchises. In addition, we needed to improve the visual look and feel of the website, increase conversion rate and improve the showcase of customers and Glofox software.

The solution
BB Agency revitalized Glofox’s visual identity and website with the focus on accommodating both the SMB’s and Enterprise-level businesses. The design language needed to be modern, dynamic, and scalable to set up Glofox for the next step in its hyper-growth.

To educate our design thinking, our UX team carried out a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis based on the extensive information about how people were using the website. We defined a series of key insights for Glofox and recommendations for improving the website’s overall user experience, navigation, and information architecture.

The result
After 4 months of close collaboration and successful teamwork, we successfully modernized Glofox's visual identity, improved overall user experience, simplified the information architecture, and designed all the visuals used on the new website, as well as created a system around patterns, visuals, colors, typography, modules and components in general.

Glofox launched this July, with the development done by their in-house team.

The services
— Website design
— UX research
— Design system
— Visual identity
— Illustrations
— Animations

Thanks to Kevin, Mark, and Connor for their involvement during the process, as well as the rest of the Glofox marketing and product teams.

From BB's side thanks to Adrian, Wesley, Vicente, and Filip for their work on the project, as well as Stéphane and Lucas for their animation skills.


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