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Exercise and nutrition are a lifestyle. It’s not about losing 10 pounds in a week or a month; it’s about working on yourself and your habits every day.To regularly advance, you need to move in small steps in front constantly, not in leaps, but in small actions that accumulate and lead to a steep result in the end. This platform was created for this particular purpose.Tracking and analyzing your small actions at a long-distance gives you an understanding of whether you are doing everything right. Moreover, there is not only training but all actions that lead to the final result. Be intelligent and purposeful. No matter how easy it is to reflect on nutrition, exercise, water drunk, calories burned, and sleep. This single platform will help, together with a trainer, come to the cherished dream of a healthy and beautiful body.The workout that is worth doing today is highlighted with unique animation, and you will not miss it.How do you monitor your health and sports?

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Design — Figma

Illustrations — Illustrator


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