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As an artist, I tend to be a collector. Everything is seemingly 'something' that may be used in a future work of art. Trash, cardboard, used wrapping paper, paint rags, stamps, and old train tickets each have their special places in my apartment where they wait to be transformed.

And what happens when you combine my passion for art, a love of nature, and my inherent nature to collect objects in the case that they could one day become art?…You get books filled with pressed leaves and flowers that I've collected from my travelings and wanderings all around the globe. I have found a most perfect way of expressing and indulging in my passion for art and nature. Every piece acts as a reminder of a special place and moment amongst my travels.

In this spirit, I was inspired to create my latest piece, 'Nostalgia' - a dedication and gift for my dad. The focus of this piece is a dried and pressed hibiscus flower cut from my own plant. For me, this plant represents home and my childhood. Every time my dad's hibiscus plant back home would bloom, he would cut and place it in a vase especially for me. And now, it's my turn…a hibiscus for my dad.

Happy Birthday to you.

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