Gourmet E-Liquid UK Shopify Store Redesign (Approved Concept)

A project that i has been completed in over 2 months ago. Redesign and optimize conversion rate for Gourmet E-Liquid in UK, a online store based on Shopify platform. 🚬 🛒

Gourmet E-Liquid is a premium vaping retailer in the UK, specialising in the sale of e-liquids. Established in 2015, over the years, Gourmet E-Liquid have become a prominent name within the vaping industry in the UK, generating £940,000 in gross sales in 2020 and has built a reputation as a respectable company that fulfils and delivers orders at high speed.

I really feel so excited and glad when joined into this project 🥰 😚.

Here's concept of mainpage for it (approved). Project now in stage coding and will soon to appear/change in next time.

- Developed by Shopify Experts: The4 Studio


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