Muscle Landing Page | Design Challenge

Muscle is an online gym space for everyone to shape their body with complete facilities such as various programs for rookie or expert, workout consultations with certified trainers, gym goods market partnered with super brand and more.

Using Muscle, clients are able to consult their workout with certified trainers. Clients will also get recommendation on what gym goods they need according to Muscle. They will get their workout list daily and able to track their workouts in weeks or months. Technique videos and tutorials are also provided. If the clients want to track their body transformations, they could upload their photos on the online diary. For their diet, calorie calculator and healthy recipes will help them. Health articles are also available to keep the clients up to date with gym and exercise world.

I chose black as their main color to describe power and sophistication. Red and blue add passion and energy. Overall, this web sparks power, passion and energy to all clients and visitors.

When I ask my friends about features they need in a gym website, they state that successful testimonials from the clients raise their trust to the website. Varied workout programs with trainer consultation will help them to do their exercise efficiently. Different schedule and needs for everyone are facilitated with several membership options. Technique tutorials and health articles are also needed so that they can do the workout properly even from home.


This is my work for a workout landing page design challenge by Dwinawan (first time joining a UI Design Challenge, finally!)
All feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated!

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Posted on Sep 9, 2021