Cokeyboy Show Pitch


A section title page inside a pitch presentation for a new hour-long scripted dramedy called "Cokeyboy" about a coke-slinging Wall Street lawyer—it's models, mayhem, and AK-47s. A racy high-energy shows calls for an equally electrifying pitch book!

Trying to incorporate various contrasting and tongue-in-cheek style of the show, this section title page for "Setting" features sushi (often used in the show as a trendy eatery) and integrated contraband. Is that eel or is that a gun? Is that blood or soy sauce?

Still definitely a work in progress—must make the blood "sauce" more convincing, and I'm also not sure if the gun is clear enough, or if it gets lost in the surrounding microgreens.

Completely done in Illustrator CS5.

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