Animal Welfare League of Arlington

We're a team of animal lovers, so we were all clamoring to be involved with this one. What you're looking at here is the 2020 update of the AWLA site. As it happens, we also designed the prior version of their site back in 2014, and we're always thrilled for the opportunity to revamp our past work.

AWLA wanted a design that felt bright, playful, and welcoming. Plus, they had a fantastic photo library of adorable pets, so we knew that featuring images in a big way would be a must. (After all, it's common knowledge that cute animal pics make any website better.)

After trying out a lot of ideas, we ended up moving forward with the most colorful concept we presented, as the AWLA felt that it was the one that most represented their general vibe and personality. Long story short, that's how we got to what you see today.

AWLA has been serving the Arlington community for over 75 years. From adoptions, to fostering, animal control services, training classes, and a whole lot more, they've enriched the lives of countless pets (and their people too), generation after generation.

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Posted on Sep 8, 2021
Yoko Co
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