With the covid-19 pademic and the sanitary restrictions in force, 20 animators and designers worked together to make this animation. Each frame of this collaborative project was created by a different person with a particular style and technique.

A little tribute to bikes and the outdoors.

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Music by Facundo Capece.
Bike 01: Belo Qu.
Bike 02: Bruno Persico.
Bike 03: Faka Facundo.
Bike 04: Eze Matteo.
Bike 05: Emilia Calvo.
Bike 06: Jeronimo Fernandez.
Bike 07: Germán Di Ciccio.
Bike 08: Leo Franchi.
Bike 09: Martiniano García Cornejo.
Bike 10: Martín Ayerbe.
Bike 11: Nahuel Rollan.
Bike 12: Nico Piccirilli.
Bike 13: Pablo Cuello.
Bike 14: Pato Passarelli.
Bike 15: Pablo Kondratas.
Bike 16: Pagliaruolo.
Bike 17: Matías Petroli.
Bike 18: Manu Correa Soto.
Bike 19: Victoria Kociman.
Bike 20: Wanda Arca.

Wanda Arca
Motion Designer, looking for challenging projects ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ

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