Nurture Your Imagination (Zappos Unboxed Brand Illustrations)

Did everyone have those little rubber rain boots with the loops on the sides or was that just me? It was really difficult to tell the difference between left and right for me, so it would have been GREAT if they didn't match. Very happy I got to make the watering can an elephant.

Client: Zappos Design Studio: @mightily Art Director: Matt Zoeller @mzoeller01 2020-2021

I had the wonderful opportunity to create illustrations for Zappos' new brick and mortar store in Louisville, KY- Zappos Unboxed. @mightily reached out and asked me to create some marketing images that really captured the fun nature and positive outlook that Zappos has made such a core part of their brand. @mzoeller01 was my art director, and I can not sing his praises enough. During the project, he was willing to get down in the trenches with me, listened to feedback from both sides, found genius and perfect solutions to difficult problems, and made sure my voice and opinion was not only heard but became part of the approach. So lucky to have worked with such an awesome human, and I cant wait for the next project.

Tatiana Bischak
Brand supporting illustration and design.

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