DailyUI - #029: Map

DailyUI Challenge: #029: #Map

Creating a map is really a challenge, at least for me as a #designer in construction.

I didn't really know how I could create it, so I had the idea of starting with an #Airbnb-style hosting service to demonstrate my map according to the location of the chosen accommodation.

The other inspiration for my creation was #GoogleMaps prioritizing the map colors.

This time, I used the Lobster font for the "logo" and as always Poppins for the other content.

The colors were basic, without thinking about the colors of the items on the map, the only one that stands out is #C65959

The images are up to #Freepik - mostly #Pexels and #ContentReel in the user

One detail, using the pen to create something is surreal.

Hope you like it!

Posted on Sep 7, 2021

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