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Digitoo is a Czech startup that digitizes accounting processes and modernizes this area of business. We were happy to help them with a new web design, content and front-end. Our cooperation doesn’t end there and we continue to work together on further improvements of their product.

Content is the most important part of the website and that is why we start the creation of the website with it. Initial research, content architecture and wireframes with subsequent iterations help us figure out what should be on the site and how we want to display it. A number of factors will weigh into the process. Is your client B2B or B2C? Do emotions or facts work better for them? Does your potential client need time to think or is your product more impulsive-based? What benefits are your clients most interested in? We take all this into account when we create content. Alongside all that, we also need to keep in mind UX principles, choose good tone of voice and use behavioural hacks to get the most conversions out of the site. Anyone can make you a nice design, but only few can make you a good website.

You can check the live version here

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