Tamara Kauffman Designs Logo

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Logo idea for a young interior structural designer. She focuses on the actual interior refurbishments of houses and buildings. Everything from kitchen redevelopment through to living room and bedroom, as well as office space. So more structural than a 'interior designer', hence the need to give a architectural/CAD vibe, but without cornering her into any one area.

The brief required a logomark that would visualise her business if possible in a non cliche way.

Hence my plan to create a mono icon, formed from a form of negative space, to hint at a 'universal' interior, whilst given the impression of clean, smart, methodical lines and design. The whiteness almost represents a 'blank slate' from which Tamara then works from.

There is an element of precision and angular lines with the general feel of the logomark, trying to convey the accuracy of her work.

The logomark could be any room, so does not limit the association as she plans to grow into her business.

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