Mazdax Branding Project

Mazdax Branding Story: Brand Strategy
In the first step, for preparing the strategic plan document, we needed to learn the organization and its values, so we analyzed the principles and insights of the directors and their objectives.
In the second step, we studied the market, evaluated the emerging brand’s place within the current market, and discussed the familiar domestic and international platforms and trends. Additionally, we measured the threats and opportunities on the market and the values of the competitors.
In the third step, we identified the target audience and its insight through quantitative and qualitative market research methods (in-depth interview). As a result, we defined the audience persona based on their concluded needs and goals.
In the fourth step, we presented the brand strategy based on the results and using three methods: storytelling, BAV, and archetypes. We established the brand’s archetype, characteristics, responsibilities, and values, as well as the tagline and the verbal identity.
Ultimately in the fifth step, an operational communication plan concerning the relevant was defined, and a strategic plan document of 130 pages was offered to the employer.

Mazdax Branding Story: Visual Identity
We designed the visual identity of the brand based on the features stem from the strategic plan document. For the logo design, we utilized the central concept of the brand, digital currency, to attain a conceptual yet straightforward design. The brand’s comprehensive visual identity collection, including the logo (iconic logo, Persian and English logotype), corporate color, patterns, office-set, logomotion, social media identity, Persian and English fonts, and an 86-page brand book, is entirely provided by ZEN Branding Agency.

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