HBO's Silicon Valley - Animated Dashboard UI

Siliconvalley s01 e07 01

I am very stoked to show off some work I did for HBO's new TV series, Silicon Valley. I had the opportunity to work on several episodes throughout the series.

For this particular scene in episode 07, I was tasked by Producers and Director Mike Judge to create an interactive dashboard of the made up company "Hooli's" burn down chart and daily activity stats. Although the animated version didn't make the cut, they ended up going with this static version (animated concept attached).

One thing I learned for this particular project is that designing "in your face obvious" can be quite challenging when trying to create real world software UI - Designing for cameras and TV, rather than a direct customer. I hope to show more in the future and make an even bigger impact in seasons to come.

Full scene and high res dashboard animation attached.

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