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Gumroad Product Page

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Gumroad Product Page

Using Nathan Barry's Authority as content, I redesigned the Gumroad product page so that it would incorporate tiered pricing and a more refined aesthetic.

Added Elements:
• Product gallery/preview images (images only appear when there is content uploaded, otherwise the existing cardboard box glyph appears)
• Users can still choose “Highlight" and “Background" colors from a color picker to personalize the product page (buttons, backgrounds etc.)
• Package Table: the creator can promote a tier and select areas of the table to fill with the highlight color in order to give them importance. The table itself uses contrast in non-promoted package columns to direct the consumer to the preferred tier
• Incorporating transparency to make elements work universally regardless of color choice (see here.)

Key Changes:
• Made social buttons greyscale in order to work on any background and give primary attention to the product, rather than social sharing. Vertical center aligned text on buttons
• Added contrast to several elements: login area, purchase button, product description and title text sizing
• Aligned account login inset with social buttons and product area
• Redrew glyphs for email icons, “Secured” lock and Gumroad logo and favicon

The original product page (screenshot) as well as my full redesign for the tiered product page are attached.

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