Snap Later note and map flow

🕰 This piece is from 2014—I like to keep older pieces around on Dribbble because they're still fun.

Here's a little animation showing one of the flows through our app (currently in dev). This is a journey from the top level notes, through to an individual photo, and its location on its notes' map.

Mimicking some of the default iOS transitions, we're trying to see where we can breathe a little life into the design and what could possibly end up on the app's website, as a way of demonstrating its features.

The animation's quite quick at the moment, but I don't think the file would've made it under the upload limit if it wasn't!

A little context for the app: Snap Later is a simple way to keep photo notes. With just a photo, comment and geotagging, it makes bucket listing, note taking and remembering things fast and easy.

Posted on Jul 7, 2014

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