Dribbble Basketball Cards

Dribbble Basketball Cards

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I made them a little small. By about half an inch either direction.
Put this together last night. I didn't look through all 150 rebounds to see if this idea was already done. If it was, my bad.

I printed up some cards and while everybody was taking their afternoon nap, stuck them in my neighbor's rusty bicycle spokes, snapped a picture, then grabbed the cards out, covered in rust. But I'm just glad nobody saw what I was doing because I don't know how to explain myself in Chinese.

I made two versions, light and dark. I couldn't decide which ones I liked, so I posted them both.
I grabbed all the information from the About page on Dribbble, but I still feel a bit like a creeper. I am amazed that the photos turned out decent, a little pixelated (some more than others).


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