Jellysquad NFT Project

A few weeks ago I made my first Jellyfish in Nomadsculpt, and then I fell in love with creating Jelly's. I've been following Pablo Stanley's Robotos and it's intrigued me to build out a Jellysquad.

As I started building, I thought it may be fun to create an NFT template-type site, so that's what I'm planning to release in a few weeks from now.

The first 10 Jelly's from the Jellysquad are now available on Opensea.

We're also planning on making and releasing:
- A trading card game
- A children's book
- An NFT release of 100 unique Jelly's on October 31st (or sooner), and much more

Come meet the Jellysquad and suggest some Jelly's while you're there. 😄

Posted on Aug 20, 2021
Waldo Broodrÿk
Welcome to a world of wonder

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