Project on the Moon WIP

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I love what I do,... but sometimes there are projects I even a little more. Moonbase is one of them, simply because I can explore ideas in fields I really enjoy working on: space, the moon, robots, outpost - so these are also the main ideas I've wanted to capture with these marks. But let me begin a little earlier. These are some of the concepts I've been working on for a new client who is working in the creative business as well and focusses on making films. Moonbase is his alter ego - and shall express the realtionship between exlporing unknown space, etc. So these are some rough ideas, for the mark, which will come in two sizes, so we basically talk about a "responsive" mark exploration. Some ideas I've incorporated here: Snowglobe, camera, space station, - aaaand human presence.

This shot shows some colors, which are very early and in no way near final, but they give you an idea of the feel I try to capture. And yepp, also some stuff for those negative space junkies among you.. ;)

Feedback is much appreciated - as well as you attention.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

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