Animated 3D bike landing page

Hello there!

As you've probably seen, we created a bicycle store landing page the other day, so now please meet the animated version of the bike that we have created here at Zajno!

I wanted to show the 3D animated bicycle and the skeleton of a vehicle with the ability to see it in four colors, plus the cycling-marathon video in the background! The user is given the opportunity to see all the details of the bike with the help of a magnifying effect. In addition to that, I used the shape animation of some background elements to simulate the movement of the gears.

Not all bikes are created equal, some of them were made for specific tasks and situations. If I had a chance, I'd choose a custom bike to create, because you can create your unusual style with the details you like to amaze the people around you! With so many options on the market, people can find something that fits their needs. More and more people start to choose environmentally-friendly lifestyles, thus, bicycles continue to be more popular. What was once the only method of reliable transportation has now become the preferred method for many people.

Please, leave your feedback in the comments below!

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