How to hire remote developers.

Hiring remote developers is a time-consuming & daunting process. And if executed inefficiently, it can cost you a lot of time & money! So to make sure that you hire remote developers that are the right fit, we’ve briefed down points that you need to follow.

Before anything else, consider these 5 points - the complexity of your project, the technical expertise your project needs, information security requirements, hiring model, and the cost. Think about these factors and hire remote developers accordingly. Is your app type easy or complex? If it’s complex, then you need a highly experienced developer.

A developer is not skilled at all the technologies. Thus you must hire a remote developer that is highly skilled in the technology your project requires.

There’s quite a possibility that the freelance portal from where you hired the developer doesn’t guarantee your project security. So ensure that you hire remote developers from an authentic mobile app development company. If your project has sensitive information, it might get easily leaked; if not before then after the launch. Take care, please :)

Decide on the hiring model. We at Cerdonis Technologies LLC offer 3 remote development hiring models: dedicated resources, hourly rate pricing, and scrum. So choose a remote development hiring model that fits your need.

Last but not least, let’s talk about hiring costs. Remote developer hiring cost depends on the app type, development time, country, and the hiring model. So if your app type is high-level complex, then it might take 4-6 months development time, and the development cost will shoot higher. According to the US developers reports, remote developers in the US charge around $50 - $100 for complex projects, whereas developers in India charge around $20 - $40.

So once you have hired the right match, you must ask them to provide a detailed timeline of your project, check with them twice a week and build assertive communication with them. Your vision must be carefully translated to reality.

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Posted on Aug 12, 2021